How to resize image or compress image

internet world there is necessary to reduce the the file size of an image tu speed up internet download or storing the images. Therefore it is obvious to reduce the file size of an image which is generally difficult and time consuming for those does not haveing any computer skills. Resizing JPEG images is handy and useful if you need to store lots of images in small storage or if you send bunch of images to someone by email. Besides, if you are a developer needs to compress and resize images as compressed and resized images load faster and website get rank better.

But resizing image reducing its quality slightly, and it reducing the file size.

There are numerous way to resize your images. And number of software available that can be useful to resize image.

If some one is not technically sound to operate advance software. Old set developer needs to to reduce the image size so that their site get SEO optimised I load faster but due to lack of time and developer can concentrate to the other designing or activities they needs to reduce or resize there image size instantly without hazard. Then online 2 are very handy to them. There are number of online utility that can help you to resize your JPEG images.

1. Visiting online utility: There are tons of website that’s lets you upload your images and resize images very quickly. You can search in Google with resizefile.
Some of the reliable and easy to use website are..




Follow the online’s tool guide to resize.

2. Using pant in windows: You can also resize your images with paint application. Open your image in paint application then select entire image by pressing key Ctrl+A
. You can see dashed line outside the image. Now on ribbon click image then select resize icon. Resize skew window pops up, then change necessary settings and press ok. Now you can save your image under JPEG.

Besides Some advance desktop applications like Photoshop can be very useful to resize your images. But it difficult for people with much knowledge in it.

But in my opinion the online’s tools are better if you are not familiar with offline desktop application.

As I am using as it is easy to use and also very fast. The made available number of useful tools to resize image.

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