WhatsApp will take you to court for bulk messages or miss use of app
WhatsApp will take you to court for bulk messages or miss use of app
WhatsApp shown in admin mobile on 16th June 19

In similar last year , the company had restricted the forwarding messages. Facebook owned WhatsApp has issued statement that it will take legal action against individual or organization, who have violate the policy of uses of the app , WhatsApp.

Those people or company , who misuse the app and send message to lot of people violating the terms and conditions of uses WhatsApp. In a update by company ‘ unauthorized use of WhatsApp’ , announced that company or individual will face legal action who send bulk message automatically from December 7 onward.

“WhatsApp will take legal action against those engaged in or assisting others in abuse that violates our Terms of Service, such as automated or bulk messaging, or non-personal use, even if that determination is based on information solely available to us off our platform .”

— according to official said

What will be legal action ?

But official from what’s app did not informed detail what short of legal action will take against the users.

WhatsApp clearly mentioned that their app is not for bulk of automated messages. And all these activities are clearly violates their terms of services.


This is issued after the Lok Sabha election 2019 in India. The company was been miss used during the Lok Sabha election in India, bulk message was send through clone app and software tools , which automatically delivered messages. These fake news destabilizing the society. Rumors and fabricated news shared in group message automatically by using software tool damaging the communal harmony and social fabric of Indian society.

The company under fire from Indian Govt for circulation of fake news or false information over WhatsApp group.

In India there are more then 200 million WhatsApp users , which is key market for the company.

The Indian Govt issued warning to the company asking to clamp down on fake messages which are provoking and instigating people.

Source: Reuters

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